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What is TWHS MUN?

The Woodlands High School Model United Nations creates an educational simulation of the United Nations, and we aim to help our members develop public speaking, networking, researching, collaborating, service, and leadership skills through the Model United Nations conferences that we attend throughout the state, national, and international levels. This year our club has grown exponentially, and since there are so many new members, we are looking for ways to be able to financially support our club so that our new members can get the full MUN experience and skillset that they signed up for.


TWHS MUN is a highly distinguished organization recognized for its excellence at an international level. We have won multiple awards at local, regional, national, and global conferences. Most noticeably, earlier this year we had the honor of winning the Award of Distinction in the Research and Preparation category at the 2022 NHSMUN conference out of numerous schools from 130 countries. We also had five delegates win individual awards from this international conference as well. As a club, we have even founded our own regional conference (TWHSMUN), and are looking to expand our impact even further.

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